You – 2016 Energy Series


It’s all about YOU!  And I need YOUR help to complete this month’s imagery.  If you can, please set it as your desktop background.  Then find the right lighting, and tilt your screen until you line up the reflection of your face inside the stylised heart shape in the centre, and you’ll complete the picture.  I’ve left it black to capture your reflection most profoundly, so please, don’t forget to smile!  🙂

And when you see yourself in there, let your eyes wander around the rest of the image, and contemplate each part of it, perhaps remember back over the previous posts in this series, and what it would mean to you if it were all completely true.  When you’re ready, bring your gaze back to rest on you, the reflection of you…  What do you see?  What could it all mean?  Who could you be?  Who are you, really?

You are more than what you see in your reflection.

This image is copyrighted. You may use it for personal use only. You may also share it on social media providing the image remains the same, and all copyrights remain intact, and visible. ♥ Please click on this image to be taken to the full sized version, then ‘right click’ on that and select ‘set as desktop background’ to use as a wallpaper for your computer.

Welcome to the Highway For Souls 2016 Energy Series.  Each month I’ll be creating an interpretive image that you can use to access some truly powerful energy and empower yourself to steer your adventures more towards the Highway For Souls, and spend less time in the land of plod.

And this month it’s time to connect with …


Behold the dizzying riots of colour playing on sunshine-coated-rainbow-lollipops, made up of wisdoms, and love, and tangerine tangibilities tingling in the ever lasting effervescence of an uprising rain shower falling down.  A streaming surge of bubbles uplifting through the static, frenetic storms that rage within thoughts that are lost to your sense of serenity because it’s beneath them that you play.

Shiny little bubbles rise up in a symphony filled with joy, rising to the surface, rising to where the noise that comes from steeping in a world fiercely tormented by the physical realms of sensation bombarded.  When it subsides and stops the drowning out, you can perceive the sound of the steadily beaconed, ever knowing, never wavering essential radiance that is calling you from within.

About you swirls a soul constantly feeding you love for you to filter and play with how you see fit, or is it how ‘fit sees you’?  Closing your eyes you let the darkness there be your guide to lead you deeper and deeper beyond your sight, and sound, and taste and touch and smell, and beyond the places where your dreams dwell, deeper still to that part that is you, that always has been, and always will be your beaconed truth.  That steady, unwavering, essential beacon of light that always dwells within you.


To stand here on this Earth, fully aware of who you are, and all of the aspects of you that you have at your disposal is a profoundly peaceful place to be.  To be fully aware that you are not only what you can see, nor only what others can see, can be staggering.

But to know the complexities and true magnificence of who you really are?  The complexities, and simplicities, and the myriads of in betweens, all swirling together as one single drop of life, goes way beyond any words that I could write here!

To realise that you are not just your mind, your thoughts, your feelings, nor just your body, your life, or your dreams, but that you are all of these things, combined in a mix so complex and intertwined that there could never be an unravelling, or a sifting and sorting into separateness, because all of that perceived separateness still equates to one beautiful being of beaconed love?

Doesn’t that astound you? !!!

To have all of this complexity, and symmetry, at your beck and call is so much fun, and so interesting, and so satisfying, that the ride we call life enables us to explore our perspectives with such robust satisfaction that it can generate a joy so profoundly felt, that you almost ache with it!

That is you.  That is me.  And all other beings in every state of being as well.  We are all of that, and still we are so much more…

And November is calling you to that.  It’s calling you to connect with you at the deepest level that you can; just as you are calling you too.

It’s time to connect those calls!


Until next time…

♥ J


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