Transition – 2016 Energy Series


Even when we seem to be standing still, we are moving.  Moving through time, and space, our day, month, year, decade, and beyond.  Our journey is marked in this way, but not limited by it.  Constance is perceived through the measurements of things outside of ourselves, and the thought processes that link us to our day to day, but the soul abides by none of this, it is beyond all of the surface elements of our lives, and it is the one true thing that is constant.  Soul is the watcher, the presence, the sanity, and the steadiness that we need in a world constantly changing, so we can experience the transition of a limitless life in constant flux.


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Welcome to the Highway For Souls 2016 Energy Series.  This is the final piece of this series, and it has been a journey of fluid motion, where it took on a life of it’s own, and I got to explore, and discover, and play, and come to some of the most profound connections I’ve felt to date.  It’s been fun, and a challenge, and I have appreciated all that I have learned along the way.  So, for the ‘grand exit’ ….

For this, final, month it’s time to recognise …


Depth.  An ocean of peace, acceptance, of calm, and of love.  Joy is the presence bubbling up to the surface, until the surface takes over…

When a breath of light touches your soul, it’ll fade if it doesn’t have a safe place to land.  But, when you’re ready to receive it, when your foundations are strong, when you’re steady enough, it’ll softly land in your hands ready for you to breathe life into it so it can come to into being, and thrive in this world, becoming an experience for you.

A tiny whisper echoes loudly as time stands still for an instant.  You’re captured, enthralled by the most precious of things, and even the tiniest of delights enchants you right through, and through again.  When you are a being in fascination, you stand in this world, embracing all that you are as wonderful.  The way that you think supports your every move and desire.  The way you feel will hold time in impossibility.  Minutes become hours, and hours fly by in a few moments.

About you swirls a soul constantly feeding you love for you to filter and play with how you see fit, or is it how ‘fit sees you’?  Closing your eyes you let the darkness there be your guide to lead you deeper and deeper beyond your sight, and sound, and taste and touch and smell, and beyond the places where your dreams dwell, deeper still to that part that is you, that always has been, and always will be your beaconed truth.  That steady, unwavering, essential beacon of light that always dwells within you.

Imagine a world, so beautiful, in a time so vast that the essence of life can be tasted in a song, in a thought, or word, and in feeling.  Imagine standing in a place so grand that you can see forever in the depths of a single moment.  Imagine a world where you can go anywhere, do anything, be anything, have anything you want, and for that to be your stepping stone onwards, and beyond.

Tiny little being on a great big planet, and yet, tiny little planet in the great big Universe, and yet, tiny little Universe in a great big Multiverse, and yet, tiny little Multiverse in the great expanse of all that is.  The great big expanse of Life!

Frosted shadows and breathless light, sharpening the image, the focus, the knife.  Feeling your way onwards, right up to your dreams.  Feeling beyond what you can see.  That is the place of your power, that place where YOU want to be.

The seconds mark the time, “tick, tick… tick”, only ever fully present in the microbial essence of a nanosecond within that ever onward, ever moving, time-ticking overflowing creation of now.  Ever surging, always emerging lights of being-ness.  Tiny dots of consciousness sitting hunkered in the halo of soul, creating like a child at play in the sand, drawing pictures, dreaming dreams, building castles and sometimes knocking them down again.

But then…

Ahhhh!!! soul peace!

It’s soul deep, yet it penetrates through the realms of discord, and crashes through its barred heart, and on into the resonant place of Harmony.  To carry you on the flow of a buoyant life adrift among the shadows that torment the light, yet able to see the way through those darkened tawny streaks, right through into the place that runs soul deep.

Emerging, burgeoning, budding; the world brings you  ‘essentiality’.  The essence inside a myriad of things that go way beyond the singularity!  Flowing, and knowing, the feeling that fuels the wanting, that thing that goes beyond everything incomprehensible, and settles into the clarity of form; by formation.

Dreams are the door to the temple of mind-soul connections.  They carry the wisdom of your own broader perspective, and they’ll hold you accountable, tell you the truth, and light the path you are seeking to take.  They are truly special things that we can fully embrace.

Behold the dizzying riots of colour playing on sunshine-coated-rainbow-lollipops, made up of wisdoms, and love, and tangerine tangibilities tingling in the ever lasting effervescence of an uprising rain shower falling down.  A streaming surge of bubbles uplifting through the static, frenetic storms that rage within thoughts that are lost to your sense of serenity because it’s beneath them that you play.

And then beyond…


So, here’s a question, or two.  Are you dragged through life kicking and screaming, so to speak?  Or are you able to steer, adapt, create, and enjoy?  In other words; are you present in your journey?

Transitions happens.  It should replace that old saying ‘shit happens’.  Of course, transitions aren’t all difficult to live through, but they sure can be!  Your entire day can be filled with ‘shit’ transitions if you’re too far lost in your own head, and you’re not present enough to be aware that most of that ‘shit’ is not even worth the energy it takes for you to react to it.

Still, transition happens, and we are currently moving through the last of 2016, and it feels great to have that journey under my belt, so to speak, and it feels joyful to think what 2017 is going to be.

I’m loving the ride of all of this transitional energy that so many go through at this time of year.  ‘Conscious’ or not, when so many of us ride out the end of the year celebrating and looking forward to the new beginning of a new year, it is a mighty powerful and wonderful experience to feel.  True fuel for the momentum of moving onto better and better things!

May you transition out of this year with as much love and joy as possible.  May your days be filled with peaceful, happy, abundant, fun.  May you surround yourself with people, places, events, and things, that make you feel wonderful, and may your transition be a wonderfully smooth one.

May you journey through 2017, and beyond, be on the Highway For Souls as much as humanly possible!


Until next year…

♥ J


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