Project Kickstarter is HERE!

Project Kickstarter is HERE!

Project Kickstarter will guide you through the process of getting those project ideas out of your head and into the real world.

I actually used the Project Kickstarter method to help me to create THIS e-course. And I’ve been using this same method for most of my business, and personal projects, for ‘Donkey’s Years’!

And, the reason that I have used it for ‘Donkey’s Years’, and still do, is because… IT WORKS!

Project Kickstarter Shine & Bloom Edition      Project Kickstarter Breath Energy Edition      Project Kickstarter Dreamer Edition

What can you use Project Kickstarter for?

Business Projects – Personal Projects – Creative Projects – Business planning – Business start up – Business Expansion – Website -Development – Product Creation – Creating e-courses – Writing Books – Party Planning – Event planning – Life Changes – Home changes – Wedding Planning – Job seeking.- And so very many more too!

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WC Emergency!

WC Emergency!

I’ve decided that I would make a rotten thief. Our bathroom door somehow ‘became locked’ the other day, and no amount of wiggling and jiggling it would make the flamin’ thing open.

Cue; WC Emergency!

wc emergency

Then I did the ‘girly’ thing and tried to call for help. But help wasn’t available, and a pack of females suddenly decided that they all needed the bathroom!

A very dire situation!

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Black Swan Stalking

Ohhhhh, it was horrible!

Horrible, I tell ya!

There we were, just minding our own business, enjoying a quiet walk along a spring swollen river bank, when we were spotted by the biggest, blackest river monster we had ever seen!

It was……  It was…..


A Black Swan!!!!!!!!!!!

black swan

And we were spotted!

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