Passing On The Light.

Passing On The Light…

It’s lovely here, sitting in my car with the window down slightly, so as not to drown out the sounds.

The breeze is cold, but the sun is warm, and there’s this happy little bird chirping incessantly.

The traffic sounds hold a far away quality, even when someone drives close by. Somehow it seems awash with the promise of something fresh and renewed.

candle glow in the dark

Perhaps it’s going to rain, I think,

And without obvious reason, I remember the man…

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You are Indestructible!

It’s true you know; you are indestructible… at your core!

And, that means that no matter what happens to you in your life.

No matter what you create, or don’t create, for yourself.

No matter what anyone else says, or does, or thinks, or judges, or believes to be true about you; none of it can change who you really are.

You Are Indestructible
None of any of that can touch the truth that is the essence of you, because you ARE indestructible at your core.

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