Dreams – 2016 Energy Series


Dreams.  They are one of my favourite things about being a person.  I love the astounding adventures, the amazing landscapes, and the seemingly simple story lines that can hold so much meaning, it shows you just how complex, and intertwined, even the simplest of things really are.

And when I awake, I’m often totally amazed by how that most ridiculous set of circumstances was just completely normal.  To everyone!

And, I love that I can do things in my dreams that I can’t do in the real world.  I love that I see things so spectacular that I ache to take a picture of it with me so I can see it any time I want to.  A picture that I could take with me, so can show everyone!

Highway For Souls - Dreams

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Welcome to the Highway For Souls 2016 Energy Series.  Each month I’ll be creating an interpretive image that you can use to access some truly powerful energy, and empower yourself to steer your adventures more towards the Highway For Souls, and spend less time in the land of plod.

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Project Kickstarter is HERE!

Project Kickstarter is HERE!

Project Kickstarter will guide you through the process of getting those project ideas out of your head and into the real world.

I actually used the Project Kickstarter method to help me to create THIS e-course. And I’ve been using this same method for most of my business, and personal projects, for ‘Donkey’s Years’!

And, the reason that I have used it for ‘Donkey’s Years’, and still do, is because… IT WORKS!

Project Kickstarter Shine & Bloom Edition      Project Kickstarter Breath Energy Edition      Project Kickstarter Dreamer Edition

What can you use Project Kickstarter for?

Business Projects – Personal Projects – Creative Projects – Business planning – Business start up – Business Expansion – Website -Development – Product Creation – Creating e-courses – Writing Books – Party Planning – Event planning – Life Changes – Home changes – Wedding Planning – Job seeking.- And so very many more too!

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Project Kickstarter, or Buttkicker?

Well…   Oops!

I announced, on the blog, that I would reveal the the official title, and the launch date of my new ‘Project ButtKicker’ mini ecourse; and I didn’t do it.

It’s been almost two weeks since I made made that announcement!

It’s March you know… How the heck did that happen?

Anyway, here it is.

The official name for Project Buttkicker is….

Wait for it…Project Kickstarter

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