My Tarot Mat Pack

Hello Fellow Travellers 🙂

Today, I am sharing with you, my own lovely, beautiful, gorgeous, spectacular, Tarot Mat Pack because I love it so much.  And because I’ve been creating some so you can buy your own if you want too.

I have been using mine for well over a year, and I am still wowed every single time I open it up so I can use my Tarot Cards, and I have  been wowed by each and every other one I have made, so far, too!  They are truly very special creations, and I think that you might love them too!

Closed Tarot Mat PackI bought a tarot deck several years ago, and they are a spectacular deck to play with.  I love everything about them, and I even loved the box that they came in so much that just kept using that to house these beautiful cards, and their book, in.

But alas!

After much use the box started to not look so happy any more.  It could see that it was getting a bit wonky, and I had to be more and more careful each time I used it…

Too careful; eventually!  🙂

So, I began to seek a new way to house my cards, but nothing seemed to resonate with what I was looking for…

… Eventually, I decided that I’d would make my own!

During the process of that, I decided that I also wanted a mat to complete my readings on because I was very picky about where I laid out my cards.  I also wanted a special bag for the cards to hold them together, and protect them even more.  I also wanted to create them, not ‘make them’, and so it began…

I tried out a few design ideas, and they were pretty cool, but still not what I was looking for.

Woe was me?  🙂

Then one day, I was minding my own business, and so ‘over’ the whole ‘seeking’ process that I wasn’t even thinking about my tarot card dilemma, and I saw a piece of sturdy grey cloth.  I was drawn to it because I… just liked it!  So, I bought some without knowing what I was going to use it for, and pretty soon, inspiration struck!

I could see, in my head, a vision of exactly what I was looking for!  Not only that, but I also knew exactly how I wanted to do it, and how I would do it, and I allowed that to guide me through all of the processes and techniques, and fine tuning that followed.

My Tarot Mat Pack

Now; I can sew.  I can follow a pattern, and I can even make my own designs up from scratch quite successfully; most of the time.  But this creation wasn’t having any of that ‘normal’ stuff.  This wonderful thing would be created slowly, with love, and great care, but with little regard for patterns, or perfection, nor anything else that might come with a more formal style of sewing.

Well, mostly.  I did find that I had my limits!  🙂

So, my Tarot Mat Pack was slowly, and carefully created in a lovely, casual, manner that enabled me to piece together a sturdy and beautiful home for my tarot cards & their book, that I absolutely adore!

My process included cutting the cloth and piecing it together by eye (mostly 🙂 ) Not an eye for perfection, but an eye that relied on feeling more than looking!  I pieced the cloth together with hand stitches that were also judged by feel, and a bit by the look, but not perfection.  I created the cords for the draw string bag, and the one for securing the pack closed.  I created the rudimentary tassels at each end of the cords, without trying to hide the flaws, and imperfections, and it was amazing to bring it all together this way!  There is character infused into it, and real charm, and a very real ‘wow factor’ that hasn’t waned at all for me.

Draw String Tarot Card Bag

What I ended up producing is a beautiful home for my card deck, and the book, that was sturdy enough on the outside for me to be sure it would make a protective place for me to store my cards.

Tarot Mat Pack

Unfolding it is a bit like opening a plainly wrapped package that holds the most wonderfully colourful gift inside, and it truly gives me a lift every time I do.

I have a special place to lay out my cards, and connect, no matter where I may do so.  And I have something that is special for me, something to respect, and revere, as much as I do the cards and all they empower me to do.

Tarot Mat Pack

I adore my Tarot Cards: Shadowscapes Tarot Deck by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

With as much love and joy as possible, always…


PS:  I now have some available in my etsy store that you can buy.  🙂


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