Outing Myself About My Soulful Business Journey

Why I’m Outing Myself About My Soulful Business Journey.

I’ve decided that it’s time I stopped lurking around in the shadows of creating a soulful business, and own it.  I started to think about doing this a few weeks ago when I caught myself out because I was doing something that I hadn’t been ‘fully aware of’ as I was doing it!

I’ve discovered that I had been holding myself back on something that I already ‘knew’, just because it was kind of  ‘out there’, and because I hadn’t ever seen anybody else mention anything like it before.

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I wasn’t aware of this until I did eventually see someone else express the same kind of thinking that I’d been secretly harbouring for so long.  And when I did, I felt a shift in me that I clearly understood…

It felt like relief (That I wasn’t crazy; or at least not the only one who was crazy!  🙂 )  I also felt a surging strength of confidence, a certain kind of bravery, towards my own way of thinking, and my own intentions. I realised that I hadn’t allowed myself to have that until I’d seen that someone else was on the same wavelength as I am!

So it turns out, I’ve been sitting on this ‘knowing’ for years, and…

I’d been holding myself back until someone else caught up with me!


So I could feel; what?  Safer?


I began to become aware of how very much this has been holding me back in many other ways too.

Like:  How closely I dared to create the kind of business I really wanted to create!  Instead, I had been fighting myself, and trying to find a way of ‘reaching’ for the kind of business many others had proven to be effective before, in a way that I could feel good about.


I’ve been in business using traditional techniques before, and the trouble with that was, that I don’t agree with many of them!  I just did them because that’s how it’s done.  It works, although the warnings are that many businesses fail within the first year, and beyond, despite following the best practices that are often taught!  So, I had this inner war going on.  A war that I had no real way of winning because I wasn’t truly allowing myself to be me!  So, all I’d end up doing was burn myself out, over and over again.

But now, I’m going to stop all that crap and start exploring this business creation stuff in my own way.  And maybe even in ways that aren’t taught in ‘results oriented’ business literature, programs, and courses.

I’m going to explore the possibilities that I have in mind, and I’m telling you about my intention to do so before I’ve even tried many of them, before I can prove it to myself!


So in light of that, and before I go on and tell you a little about one of my previous soulful evolutionary adventures, I just want to tell you this.


If you are looking for a proven way to run a business that may, or may not, appear different because it has simply been wrapped up in something pretty, and/or new age-y, then my advice is: do NOT listen to me!


I am not guaranteeing anything; not even that this is going to work! But I am exploring my ideas, and I will be sharing my adventures, and the things that do, and maybe don’t, work for me along the way.



OK, back on topic… 🙂

A long time ago I decided to try and do something that nobody (To my knowledge.), had ever done before; nor had achieved before.  Certainly the people that I’d ever had anything to do with, or ever heard about, or read about, had never achieved it deliberately, and it was a scary thing for me to think about doing!  It was even worse when I thought of telling anyone else about what I was planning to do!


I didn’t want to put myself out there as someone who was trying to do something that most people thought of as impossible.


What if I failed?  I’d probably have to listen to some ‘I told you so’-s.  Or the ‘I knew it was a stupid idea!’-s.

You know, that kind of thing…

So, I decided to try it secretly.  If I was going to make a fool out of myself, I was going to do it quietly!  🙂

I did end up achieving that thing, and I’ve got to say that it was amazing!

And, now that I have begun my adventure of creating my business my way (According to what feels right for me, and is in alignment with my soul, and who I am as a person, as much as I can.).

I have always been somewhat of a quiet achiever.  It always felt like the safest route to me.  I could fail without an audience.  And if I failed, and I did not have to suffer the humiliation of other people knowing about it.  I also didn’t want to be asked questions that I didn’t have answers for; yet.  I didn’t want to risk feeling discouraged by those who may not have believed in what I was doing.  Nor did I enjoy the idea of being judged as being ‘stupid’ or ‘naive’ just because I wanted to try to see if something was possible.

But this time; I’m not going to be the ‘quiet achiever’!

This time I’m going share, and talk about my Creative Soulful Business Journey!

Anyway, enough of that.  I’m sure you get the picture, so I’m moving on.

Oh, and in case you are wondering what that was so controversial…

I deliberately set out to see if I could have a baby naturally and completely pain free.  That was back in 2003, when I discovered that I was pregnant with my 7th baby.

This ‘idea’ did not just ‘come out of the blue’ I had been journeying towards it for a very long time.  I just hadn’t known it yet.  I had already experienced one mostly painless labour, and it was that baby’s birth that inspired me to try.

As I said before.  I did achieve this, and it was absolutely an amazing experience!  And I’m willing to bet that I made the right decision to keep quiet about it at the time; at least at first.  But this time, I’m not, and this time, I’m betting that this is the right decision too.  So; it’s on!

So… Am I full B.S.?

Maybe, and I’m willing to find out!

Is this going to work out the way that I want it too, or work at all?

I think so, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see; won’t we?  🙂


Besides; what kind of soulful evolutionary adventurer, and explorer, would I be if I didn’t at least try to more fully travel my own Highway For Souls?



Until next time…


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