The 2017 Soulful Evolutionary Adventure – Practicing Presence

 Practicing Presence through your day to day using mostly quick & practical ways.Practicing Presence

Be a calmer, more engaged presence in your own life.

Soul power isn’t cyclic, it’s constant and unwavering.

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Began 1st February 2017 – Ends 31st January 2018: Join Us!

Practicing Presence is a creative soulful evolutionary adventure designed to enhance your sense of presence in your day to day life, and in all you do….  So that would mean that you will be leading a more … Soul-ar powered life?  🙂

not feeling connected with your life?

Practicing Presence helps you to learn how to find your presence through soul.

Learn it, feel it, and then practice holding it and infuse it into all aspects of you, your life, and your future journeys too.

When you get the hang of it, it makes a huge difference to how you feel.  And, this program may not stop you losing your hold on it temporarily sometimes, but it will give you the tools that you can implement right away, so you can bring it back into presence as soon as you remember to.

Gain A Clearer Road Map

Learn how to nurture a more objective perspective of where you are now so you can gain a clearer, more soul-infused, ‘road map’ to follow on your future life journeys.

If you’re a self kidder, like I was, then this aspect of practicing presence is going to be a game changer for you.

Day-To-Day Practicality

Use your present day-to-day life as more of a spiritual practice, and take out some, or all, of the burden and ‘slog’.

Even the washing up can become a kind of spiritual practice!  🙂

More Inner Peace & Other great Feelings Like

‘Rightness’, acceptance, truth, more personal power, more happiness, and maybe even a bit of joy thrown in for good measure!

When I first felt joy, I was so unused to it, that it scared me, and I internally retreated from it the first few times.  I actually had to get used to feeling joy?  It completely astounded me!

Now it wells up in me all the time,  And now, I welcome it!


stuck in loops you can’t get out of?

Practicing presence helps to reduce obsessive thought patterns and other repetitive non-productive cycles that feel more like marking time than living life.

Learn to recognise your own patterns, and accept them, so you can work with them, or change them; whatever suits you best.

Practicing Presence

Helps you to access your power so you can interrupt the continuity of any unwanted life stories, that you might have going, and reduce their effect on your life.

You have the power to do this, you even have the power to stop many of them altogether, and practicing presence will help you to access that power and begin the shift away from their continual perpetuation.

This often helps to reduce the impact that your past will have on your future too.


Embrace All Aspects Of being You

You don’t have to reject any part of any part of you for this to have a powerfully positive effect on your life.  In fact, embracing soul presence in human form is a multidimensional experience of magnificent proportions that, I think, is to be fully embraced.  And I know that it’s best experienced, and controlled, with soul in conscious residence.

Are you too much ruled by brain & Pain?

Begin to discover any lies that you might tell yourself, and how you can more easily discover your own truth.

This can help you to stop yourself from being pulled into other people’s energetic, and emotional creations without you being aware of it.  So you have more power to choose what you participate in and what you don’t.

Exploring options as you practice presence can help you to find out what it is that you really want too.


Learn some simple energy work

Using simple energy work as a part of your daily Practicing Presence practice 🙂 can help you enhance your efforts even more.  If it’s not too woo woo for you that is! 🙂

It can be fun, feel good, and  a little wacky.  Plus, it’ll help you to gain control over how want your energy to feel, and what you use it for.

Fun entertainment with real life changing power!

Become a super sleuth and hunt down those unintentional thought patterns that drivel on in the background and inject themselves into everything you try to do.

Finding it hard to make progress with something you really want to do?  It doesn’t make sense right?  You really want to do this thing, and you can plan it until your eyeballs cross, get all excited about it, but when it actually comes to taking any steps towards it; anything and everything just seems to be standing in your way.

Practicing presence can help with this too.


Began 1st February 2017 – Ends 31st January 2018: Join Us!

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♥ SO… Are you ready for  the soulful evolutionary adventure of exploring the practicing of presence in your life? 



Practicing Presence and its processes are NOT a substitute for expert advice or professional care.  If you find that you experience anything that you cannot handle, then my advice is for you to seek the help of a trained professional  to help you with them.

♥ JulieAnne