Dreams – 2016 Energy Series


Dreams.  They are one of my favourite things about being a person.  I love the astounding adventures, the amazing landscapes, and the seemingly simple story lines that can hold so much meaning, it shows you just how complex, and intertwined, even the simplest of things really are.

And when I awake, I’m often totally amazed by how that most ridiculous set of circumstances was just completely normal.  To everyone!

And, I love that I can do things in my dreams that I can’t do in the real world.  I love that I see things so spectacular that I ache to take a picture of it with me so I can see it any time I want to.  A picture that I could take with me, so can show everyone!

Highway For Souls - Dreams

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Welcome to the Highway For Souls 2016 Energy Series.  Each month I’ll be creating an interpretive image that you can use to access some truly powerful energy, and empower yourself to steer your adventures more towards the Highway For Souls, and spend less time in the land of plod.

And this month is the month to embrace your


Because they mean more to you than it might seem…


Dreams are the door to the temple of mind-soul connections.  They carry the wisdom of your own broader perspective, and they’ll hold you accountable, tell you the truth, and light the path you are seeking to take.  They are truly special things that we can fully embrace.

Rising sun on a rainy day, in a land infinitely spacious, and spectacular.  Glittering memories of tomorrow, were yesterday, and all things shadowed glisten like snow on an open land that goes on forever.

Sitting on an island, the shore lapping at the sea, above hovers a gate that swings out wide, out over an open ocean, you step aboard, and that’s how you enter the space where a friendly face welcomes you with a smile.

Around the corner, the dinosaurs graze on the soft, green grass, and when they call, they call  to the child who still lives in that house. How sad she was.

And the window that opens out onto a street that splays itself across your eyes because the hills have departed in their attempts to impart a scene so unusual that you know it has to be a dream.  Right?

And how can an owl the same colour as a tree look at you with such wisdom in its dark-elixir eyes, and talk to you through your soul?  Not with words, nor motion, nor sound, and not to reproach you, but to speak to you with such simple truth that you can feel what he says to you with so much precise clarity that words could only ever diminish any attempt at translation.  So you know it’s pointless to try and speak these things because you could never do them justice, no matter how much you yearn to.  But still, you still ‘know’.

Gently the raindrops fall on your skin, and light a silvery pathway to the earth beneath your feet, where it pools into a single drop of one rose’s dew, until it sparkles like the backdrop of stars whose magic lights your way through a night so dark, there are no shadows.

And yet that same single drop of rose-dew holds a fantastical world to be found among the stars, down by the river under the glow of a planet whose gentle beauty makes you sigh in your sleep.  It makes no sense, but it’s far from nonsense!

Mystical creatures never need to hide, mythical beings robustly alive, silver lights and golden hues the stars in a rose, and the wisdom in you.  In your dreams you’re alive in any moment in time, and in all of them at the same time.  And all of them are as real as your life is, and yet so brilliantly beautiful, it is for realities to evolve and transcend.  Such a magical reality that we live in our dreams.

Where else can you can hear a tune and dance on the melody whilst the orchestra plays lilts into pictures so exquisitely divine, it could blow your mind?  And you wonder, how can I make that be ‘real’?

And you’re allowed to dwell in a place where you can capture the essence of a planet in your hands, and cradle it like the tiniest of flames, barely lit.  Cradle it within and hold it safe.  It’s so precious and dear, because it feels so fragile, and in it you see that it is the loveliest of souls, just joyfully being.


Time and space, and reality and the agreements that bind them, are woven through all that is in an intricate web created, and designed, just for you.  A web created with a soul of its own, a language of its own, and it’s all tailored to you personally.

In your dreams you are as alive as you are when you’re awake!  You’re as ‘you’ as you as you could ever be in your human form.  And you can do fantastical things that you could never do when reality, once again, lays its ‘laws’ upon you…

You could be sitting on a rock on a dusty planet in the far reaches of our solar system, gazing further out into space.  And then be totally in awe of the presence of a planet; just over there… And it is so magnificently present, that there is no denying that it is there.  Bigger than Jupiter, and closer to you than anything that big has ever been, to you… And yet, no one has found it… not for sure… not yet at least…

You see, our dreams are a place to capture essence, and translate it back into human reality so you can consciously relate.  And you can glean such wisdom, and precisely perfect personal messages that you can take them with you when you return to ‘the real world’ and use them to enhance your current state of being.

Anything is possible in your dreams, any possibility is doable, and everything is acceptable.  All that is, can be, and this is so whether your dreams are ‘bad dreams’,  or ‘good dreams’.  Even if your dreams are as fantastical as any dream ever could be, they can still be of wise counsel and guidance to us all.


Until next time…

♥ J

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