Create Life Like The Magician

We would all love to be able to weave our magic and create something of our lives like The Magician, but alas it doesn’t seem to work that way!

Or does it?

The Magicians perspective is a very powerful one.  One where you can feel your arms spread wide and encompassing the whole beingness of the life that you have woven your ‘magic’ to create – and have created – and this life is like an ever expanding orb, an entity that contains every single thing you’ve ever done, and have lived.  Everything that has gotten you to this point right here, right now.

Create Life Like A Magician

The expansiveness of your outstretched arms holds the key to this mysterious and powerful beingness of you.  Everything around you is your domain – feel your arms outstretched, and spread wide, so you can encompass it all!

Feel the power as you behold your life – your domain – your own private universe that is right there before you, right now.

Once you’ve gained that perspective, step back a little and observe your creation, your life, like it is all laid out before you. See the magnificence and the intricacies in essence. There is an overall sense of connectivity that has been creatively mastered by you.

Then pull back your expansive view so that it encompasses just the room you are in right now, or perhaps the limit could be the things that you can see right now, or think about right now.

As you look around at what’s around you, do so as merely as an observer, you’ll notice that there are things that are good about what you see, and the things that need your attention so that they can improve, or heal, or get better…

Now pick one thing.  An easy thing to begin with, and look at it.

What’s wrong with it?

What’s right with it?

How can you improve it?

Will it likely reoccur?

And if so, how could you go about minimising any negative impact that might have on you, and your life?

Now, as you are looking at this, move your hands and sculpt the energy with your mind,  as though you are The Magician. Create the energy that you want for that thing, and the space around that thing so that you can begin to imagine your thoughts are truly first magic, and then use them as incantations…

If it feels right to you!

Perhaps something like…

I see you there, I feel how you are, and I use First Magic to sculpt you to my own liking…  I use my energy to surround you, I am The Magician, the creator of my life,  and I choose to weave my magic to bring you into my intricately created realm of things that I want, and into the way that I want you to be!



Either way…. Now you need to get in there, and just flamin’ well fix it!…

Or you could pay someone else to!



Until next time..


PS:  I’m running a year long program called Practicing Presence.  If you join me, you’ll be creatively using the elements in your life, now, to help you connect to yourself at soul level ….  So that would mean that you will be leading a more … Soul-ar powered life?  :)… (pun intended… not sorry! 😀 )

Practicing Presence is my creative Soulful Evolutionary Adventure for 2017.  It is designed to enhance your sense of soul presence in your day to day life, and in all you do.

So, let’s go!  Join me?  🙂

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