Create Life Like The Magician

We would all love to be able to weave our magic and create something of our lives like The Magician, but alas it doesn’t seem to work that way!

Or does it?

The Magicians perspective is a very powerful one.  One where you can feel your arms spread wide and encompassing the whole beingness of the life that you have woven your ‘magic’ to create – and have created – and this life is like an ever expanding orb, an entity that contains every single thing you’ve ever done, and have lived.  Everything that has gotten you to this point right here, right now.

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Transition – 2016 Energy Series


Even when we seem to be standing still, we are moving.  Moving through time, and space, our day, month, year, decade, and beyond.  Our journey is marked in this way, but not limited by it.  Constance is perceived through the measurements of things outside of ourselves, and the thought processes that link us to our day to day, but the soul abides by none of this, it is beyond all of the surface elements of our lives, and it is the one true thing that is constant.  Soul is the watcher, the presence, the sanity, and the steadiness that we need in a world constantly changing, so we can experience the transition of a limitless life in constant flux.


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Welcome to the Highway For Souls 2016 Energy Series.  This is the final piece of this series, and it has been a journey of fluid motion, where it took on a life of it’s own, and I got to explore, and discover, and play, and come to some of the most profound connections I’ve felt to date.  It’s been fun, and a challenge, and I have appreciated all that I have learned along the way.  So, for the ‘grand exit’ ….

For this, final, month it’s time to recognise …

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My Tarot Mat Pack

Hello Fellow Travellers 🙂

Today, I am sharing with you, my own lovely, beautiful, gorgeous, spectacular, Tarot Mat Pack because I love it so much.  And because I’ve been creating some so you can buy your own if you want too.

I have been using mine for well over a year, and I am still wowed every single time I open it up so I can use my Tarot Cards, and I have  been wowed by each and every other one I have made, so far, too!  They are truly very special creations, and I think that you might love them too!

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