What Practicing Presence Has Done For Me.

I’m about to launch a year long program called Practicing Presence, so I thought I’d get on here and talk to you about what What Practicing Presence has done for me, so you can get a really good idea of what it might do for you, should you decide to join me on this wonderful Soulful Evolutionary Adventure…


Hello fellow travellers. 🙂


Practicing Presence begins on the 1st of February 2017, and runs for an entire year…

What Practicing Presence Has Done For Me
I’ve always felt my soul.  I’ve always felt who I really am, for my entire life…

Well I must be honest and tell you that my earliest childhood memory was centred around an event that I was involved in when I was around two and a half years old, and it involved a baby duck and my 9 month old baby brother.  And that is all I’m going to say about that…

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Creative Flow In A Soul Centred Business

Creative Flow In A Soul Centred Business & Sidetracked Intentions.

Sometimes the simple, and slight, shift of following the call of creativity/intuition, brings a flow to your day that may seem to be sidetracking you, but what you end up doing is using your creativity to get yourself into the flow of accomplishments beyond simple intentions!

Creative Flow In A Soul-Centred Business

If you’re going to set up a soul-centred business, then you’ve got to allow yourself to follow the call of your soul whenever you can.  And as far from traditional business practice as that might be, from how others advise you to set-up and run a business, it can be very effective, and it can make things much easier, more productive, and energising for you too! Continue reading

Project Kickstarter is HERE!

Project Kickstarter is HERE!

Project Kickstarter will guide you through the process of getting those project ideas out of your head and into the real world.

I actually used the Project Kickstarter method to help me to create THIS e-course. And I’ve been using this same method for most of my business, and personal projects, for ‘Donkey’s Years’!

And, the reason that I have used it for ‘Donkey’s Years’, and still do, is because… IT WORKS!

Project Kickstarter Shine & Bloom Edition      Project Kickstarter Breath Energy Edition      Project Kickstarter Dreamer Edition

What can you use Project Kickstarter for?

Business Projects – Personal Projects – Creative Projects – Business planning – Business start up – Business Expansion – Website -Development – Product Creation – Creating e-courses – Writing Books – Party Planning – Event planning – Life Changes – Home changes – Wedding Planning – Job seeking.- And so very many more too!

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