A Pop Up Office

My Pop Up Office…

I love to work outside, create outside, especially when the day is as beautiful as today has been.  I stopped myself from frying in the sun, and from freezing in the breeze by creating a little pop up office, with a big ‘wind proof’ umbrella and the other things I took with me…

Ah yes, The warm sunshine, the cool breeze, the fresh air, pretty little birds jumping and flitting happily.  A little fairy wren strutting his stuff, quite confident in the knowledge that he is the most beautiful thing you will ever see.  Even though he was tattered through moulting!  Still, I had to agree with him 🙂

fairy wren -pixabay

His happy little harem flitted and jumped, and twittered, and twitched, and seem to be delighted with everything they’d see.  I couldn’t help but smile.  After a while, they came closer,  more curious, as close as a metre; behind me!  🙂


pop up office

The water, the mountains, and the hushed whispering among the trees; they were softly relaxing.  Under that there was a silence so profound it was easy to work, fully focused, and still enjoy little intermittent bouts of delight about where I was working, and the antics of the wildlife around me!

The flow between the two seemed seamless, and my progress fluid, free-flowing, and easy.

pop up office

Then there were the march flies, the wasps, the bush bees, and bumble bees, all curious about this strange woman and her weird set-up on the table.

(That’d be me & my pop up office! 🙂 )

pop up office

Or did I plonk myself down in their flight path?  I wondered.  Then I shrugged, told them, out loud, to “Give it up for Gawd’s sake!”, a couple of times.  But, after awhile I gave up instead.

So I tell them, out loud, again, “Fine then!  Just remember I’m not here for you to eat!”

And then settled back into my work.   It got a little ‘hairy’ a couple of times, especially when they insisted on buzzing at my hair. I knew they’d get mad if they got stuck it!  It had happened before … so it was a little…  disconcerting!

(In other words, I managed not to panic! 🙂 )

pop up office

But, in the end, I got done what I’d intended to do, and we all came through unscathed!  🙂

And I noticed, after awhile, after I’d really settled in and enjoyed the flow of it all; when true appreciation set in.  That I began to see, or rather ‘feel’, certain aspects of myself, of my own essence, in all of it; and that delighted me.


Until next time…



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